2020 - The year we got derailed? Or, will it be the year that set us straight? Only time will tell.

The pandemic has brought into focus a very important question: What is essential? We stayed inside, when we stepped out for the “essentials”, we concealed our smiles.

The only way to see the other person truly was to look into their eyes. And what better way to connect to a fellow human? By distancing ourselves, have we become closer? Have we been able to differentiate the essential from the trivial?

The pandemic has undoubtedly established the essential nature of teachers and the bond between children that the schools provide. Not the subjects, not the classrooms, not the blackboard, not the chalk piece. But the connections, conversations and care.

As educational reformers, we had one of the most difficult years yet. But we believe it is also the year we learned and grew the most. As we wind down our year for our winter break, we look forward to a new year. A year that will allow us to break all the shackles of learning.

This reflective look into the past filled us with hope, joy and positivity - we hope it does the same for you.

Thank you.